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This page is dedicated to informative information about plant care, common pest, and a calculator to estimate potential installation cost.

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Caring for your plants

The Agave Snout Weevil  [Scyphophorus acupunctatus]

The Agave Snout Weevil can be harmful to both Yucca and Agave species. Both the adult and the larva stage are considered pest to these plants. 

Treatment: A soil drench and/or systemic spray specific to treat weevils should be applied to the plant before there are signs of damage to prevent infestation. 



This is an insect not a fungus. When infested, Scale appears white and can cover the foliage of the infested plants and cause the leaves to turn brown and discolor.

Treatment: When temperatures are not reaching above 90°F during the day a mixture of water and neem oil should be sprayed on the foliage or any areas infested with scale. 

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